San Francisco Project Receives Gold Nugget Grand Award of Honors

May 20, 2013

In collaboration with Architecture International, this high rise renovation project recently received a Grand Award of Honors for interior renovations from the Gold Nugget Awards competition.

The Gold Nugget Awards recognizes those who improve our communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development.

This two bedroom, three bath condo was completely renovated, each room from floor to ceiling. Shown right, the "before" and "After" kitchen space. The new Collection M kitchen, in Manhattan, high gloss walnut burl and Rimini stainless steel, is packed full of fun features, including an eating table that hydraulically lifts from table height to bar height for parties, an in-counter appliance garage in a concealed elevation system and Studio Becker’s electric Smart drawer with custom inserts for sushi service, fine bone china and stemware.