Studio Becker Partners with Riedel

March 15, 2012

Studio Becker’s product development team is constantly working on the creation of distinctive design elements that will provide an exclusive experience for your clients.

We are pleased to announce our partnering with the renowned wine glass company, Riedel as the supplier for our glassware, which will allow us to further expand our in-drawer cassette systems. In collaboration with Riedel, we are developing a cassette system which includes a stemless program scheduled to be released in mid-2012.

During a recent visit to Australia to launch Reidel's new 'Pig Tail Decanter' commissioned by Victor Churchill Butchery in Woollhara, the Riedel team visited Studio Becker Sydney where they were welcomed by Managing Director of Studio Becker Australia, Fiona Lochtenberg. The Riedel team was very impressed with the presentation in Sydney.