Salmon Skin -- The New Leather

March 15, 2013

Introducing Salmon Skin Leather, a beautiful, vibrant and sustainable material now available for your Studio Becker furniture.

Studio Becker's product development team is always searching for unique materials to enhance your living experience. The idea to utilize salmon skin for leather came about at a salmon smokehouse in the Bavarian forest as the management team of the smokehouse actively looked for ways to reduce waste as well as honor the animals they farmed.

The salmon leather tanning process is rooted in an ancient Siberian practice, yet produced in a completely modern facility following the strictest environmental and ecologically sustainable guidelines. The use of vegetable dyes and a finishing process utilizing natural vegetable products and waxes allow for a vibrant array of color tones to be achieved while yielding a softer, more supple leather. This process also ensures that the natural structure of the salmon skin is preserved. Because of the natural, purely vegetable-based tanning process used, this leather is hypoallergenic, and compared to conventional leather of an equivalent thickness, it has remarkable strength, better fade resistance, rubbing abrasion and color fastness. Studio Becker is excited to offer a new innovation in leather, with unprecedented quality and sustainability.