Studio Becker Sydney Hosts Icons by Icons

November 5, 2012

Studio Becker Australia is hosting a contemporary architecture exhibition of houses by Australia’s most iconic and significant architects titled Icons by Icons.

Jones-Evans has selected iconic architects from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane who will each exhibit drawings, photographs and models of a house they consider to be ‘seminal’ to their practice, as well as a current house they are working on or have recently completed.
The exhibition launch was held in the Studio Becker showroom gallery on October 12th.  The opening gala was attended by many of Australia’s established architects who also had the opportunity to tour the showroom theater. The exhibition continues through November 10, 2012.
There will be a sequel exhibition next year of ‘New Icons by New Icons’, featuring cutting-edge homes by a new and younger generation of Australian architects

The selected architects for the exhibition are:
Denton Corker Marshall
John Wardle
McBride Charles Ryan
Sean Godsell
Alex Popov (PopovBass)
Durbach Block Jaggers
Glen Murcutt
Ian Moore
Luigi Rosselli
Peter Stutchbury
Donovan Hill
Kerry + Lindsay Clare