Nautically Inspired Home

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Ballena Bay, California, USA
Studio Becker was tasked with a  first floor remodeling project that included a kitchen and pantry, wine cellar, foyer, powder room and living room.
The key to this project’s inspiration lies with the owner, an avid boat enthusiast who wanted the interior of his home to have a maritime theme, as well as reflect the same colors and feel of his Sunseeker boat—blue and white on the exterior, and cherry, blue and white on the interior.  We needed to look no further than the view from the living room, which overlooks Ballena Bay in northern California, where the owner docks his Sunseeker boat. 

The kitchen is full of surprises — wall cabinets, as well as some base cabinets, are electric, opening and closing at the touch of a finger, a concealed elevation system in the island raises and lowers to seamlessly conceal everyday small appliances, while panelized walls double as hidden doors that lead into the pantry, wine, and even the foyer. The kitchen is open to the living room and housing the large ovens in a separate pantry keeps the space sleek and clutter-free.  

The powder room can also be accessed through the paneling of the kitchen doors, along with a storage area that houses the server for the home, which is a Smart Home (the lights, TV, camera and alarm system, etc. can be turned on or off from anywhere in the world).

Continuing with the nautical inspiration, the foyer features more hidden treasures. To the right of the sailboat niche is an integrated door to the garage created to match the rest of the paneling along the wall. This room features a world map with four sliding doors that conceal shoe and coat storage – one sliding segment is for the owner to store his shoes and coats, one is for his wife, one is for their daughter, and the final one is for the cleaning person – so convenient as they each enter and exit the home.

The wine cellar is perfectly concealed behind one of the blue panels in the kitchen where everything is chilled to the perfect temperature.
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