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San Francisco, California, USA
When this homeowner moved from a 10,000 square foot house to a 2,000 square foot condo nearly 60 floors up in downtown San Francisco, the tall order was to incorporate the space, luxuries, and conveniences of a home into the confines of a condo. This meant including a large chef's kitchen, a bar, wine cellar, three entertainment centers, an office, and a walk-in wardrobe, to name a few!
In addition to the bar area in the kitchen, a dedicated wine storage room was created in the condo by converting a hallway closet and incorporating a sliding storage cabinet to maximize space. Using Studio Becker's patented wine cellar storage system, the cellar stores up to 720 wine bottles and two additional large areas provide storage for decanters, magnum bottles and decor. The cellar space is cooled to a consistent 59 degrees and was designed in a custom cream lacquer color (image 1 of 12).
To create a third bedroom/office/entertainment area in what started as a two-bedroom condo, a multi-functional room was created with the use of an innovative room divider to provide privacy when needed, and an attractive Murphy bed application. The bed is concealed behind the work of a French artist that has been digitally enhanced and reproduced onto the cabinetry. The custom doors are framed in Madrone wood. (image 2 of 12).  The entertainment center/library was created using Collection M in 2 finishes — Madrone wood for the TV surround and a custom dark brown for the storage areas (images 3 of 12).
Four large quartz glass sliding doors in a custom burnt orange finish pocket into the wall. When pulled out, the doors create a complete separation between the living and dining areas (images 4-6 of 12).
The master bedroom features an entertainment center in Collection M Manhattan in a Sycamore Frisé matte finish, accented by a custom orange TV surround (image 7 of 12). In the second bedroom, which is their son’s room, a dresser that doubles as the base of the entertainment center was created in Manhattan in Makassar. A white wall element, countertop and shelving is accented in San Francisco Giants’ orange (image 8 of 12). To create additional space in the room, a mirrored cabinet on the wall flips down and becomes a fully functional desk.
A kitchen ideal for entertaining was accomplished by utilizing integrated appliances that included both a refrigerator and wine refrigerator, two dishwashers (the owner was accustomed to having 5) and a BBQ for indoor grilling using Miele cooktops. Studio Becker’s Concealed Elevation System (CES) was utilized in the island for storage of small appliances and maximizing the space inside the large island, while seating at the island provides an opportunity for casual dining. Collection M was utilized in a combination of Manhattan Alpi grey matte and Portofino in white high gloss, accented by aluminum toekicks with the bar cylinder and CES interior in aquamarine (images 9-11 of 12).
The client’s request for a bar and liqueur storage was accomplished with a display featuring drawers topped with clear glass. The display is crowned by a cylindrical champagne cooler and glass bar that swivels (image 12 of 12).

This project has been featured on HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms:

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