The Ultimate Piano Bar

Hand-crafted from the highest quality raw materials, the master carpenters of Studio Becker have engineered a functioning piano that secretly conceals a full-service bar. With a vision to showcase the vast skills and capabilities often forgotten in the modern world, this piano is a source of excitement and motivation to continue our pride of craftsmanship. Studio Becker is pleased to introduce its most recent innovation, the ultimate “PianoBar”. In a Bird’s Eye Maple wood veneer, dyed a glowing red tone, with 24 coats of varnish in a high gloss finish, this stunning piece becomes the focal point of any room. An electronic keyboard and speaker combination allow the keys of this Concert Grand Piano to play all the great classical compositions. The highest quality casters and pedals are showcased for a unique stance. But these elements are just the beginning, only the initial components making this piece look, feel, and sound like a true Concert Grand. With the appropriate press of the keys, the cover rises electronically and reveals a complete bar, ready to please any palate. Wrapped in supple Italian hand-stitched leather, the piano holds all the equipment, utensils, and beverages necessary to satisfy the most discerning individuals: Riedel glassware, including martini glasses, champagne, red and white wine, and for mixed drinks. Elegantly displayed on an angled leather shelf with LED lights is the assortment of liquor’s, ready to pour. Integrated into the polished stainless steel work surface is an ice bucket for drinks, and a champagne cooler for proper storage of bubbles; both with clear bottoms lit from below with LED’s to create a mystifying glow through the ice. And at the end of the piano, not to be missed, are the necessary preparations for enjoyment of the finest rolled cigars. Complete this bar is additional hand-stitched leather made to fit cigar cutters, a lighter, and an ashtray. Enjoy the evolution of a Concert Grand Piano as it is transformed by Studio Becker’s product development team and master craftsmen into luxurious and functional art.
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